Storyline 360: Quiz results slide - Possible to show the total correct answers instead of % ?

May 02, 2017


I'm wondering if it's possible to show, on the Quiz results slide, the total correct answers instead of a percentage?

For example, the following would appear: You have answered 6 of 10 questions correctly.

I have created 2 variables:

Name: TotalCorrectAnswer 

Type: Number

Value: 0

Name: TotalQuestionsPerProject

Type: Number

Value: 0


That's where I get stuck unless it's not possible?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Julie

yes that is possible.

Create a trigger on each quiz slide after the submit interaction trigger:

Add +1 to TotalCorrectAnswer when user clicks submit button on condition (e.g. radio button 1 is selected).

You don't need the second variable TotalQuestionsPerProject as the number of questions is a static 10

On the result slide you would have a text box that says something similar to the following

You have answered %TotalCorrectAnswer% of 10 questions correctly.

If you are still stuck, share your .story file and someone can help you.

Julie Frappier

Right ! 

But, for the multiple answers...

Let's say question 3 has 2 correct answers, and the user only selects 1 out of 2. That question all together should be marked as incorrect, therefore no points associated with it. But when I add the +1 value, it calculates the question the user got right and didn't take into account the fact that he needed to have the other correct answer.

Am I making sense?


Any thank you for your help!




Wendy Farmer

Sorry I'm battling a head cold and I misunderstood - I thought you wanted to add 1 for each choice selected.

You're  right Julie

Try this trigger

adjust variable add +1 when user clicks submit on condition that  checkbox 1 is not equal to selected AND checkbox 2 =selected AND checkbox 3=selected AND checkbox 4 is not equal to selected. This will weed out the users that check more than box 2 and 3 as that would be incorrect.

let me know how you go.

Sajit s

I have another suggestion

Create a number variable named Totalcorrect.

In the result page change the text %Results.ScorePercent%% to % Totalcorrect%.

Write the trigger Set Totalcorrect to variable Results.ScorePercent When the timeline starts on this slide

Then write another trigger Divde Totaldcorrect by value 10 when timelinestarts on this slide

Note in my case the total number of questions is 10 and each question has 10 points that’s why I am dividing it with 10. Very important the trigger order has to be followed first get the value from the Results.ScorePercent then divides it with the total number of questions.  

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