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Hello all,

I recently found it necessary to use the new replace font feature in SL360. It appeared to work for the majority of the course. However, when I reopened the story file, the old font was still listed in the Missing Fonts notification. After digging through the course, I found that the font for text in all marker labels (both heading and content) were not replaced. I went through and manually changed each marker to the new font. I am still receiving the missing font notification when I open the story file, so somewhere the old font is being used.

It is a large course, so it would be awesome if there was a "find font" feature. 

Posting this in case it helps someone else out.

Yes, I am working locally - :)


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Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Lori! That's the second question I've seen today about the "find font" feature - so I'll pass it along.

When you used the "Replace fonts" feature, it sounds like it didn't capture all the locations of that font? That markers and other elements were left untouched? If so, I wonder if you're seeing that in any other project files or just that one? 

Lori Sullivan

I haven't tested other courses at the moment. However, this particular course has been through a journey and I am suspecting that one or more of these issues is causing the problem.

1. The course was developed in SL2 using a font acquired from the Adobe Creative cloud. Course published and viewed correctly.

2. Installed Articulate 360 trial and opened course. Noticed the font was not displaying properly in preview or publish. My testing indicates that the problem only happened when a course is using an Adobe Creative cloud font. (these fonts are synced, and not "installed" on your system in the usual way - or so my IT folks tell me). I believe this is because it is a subscription suite and if we no longer "own" the subscription, the font(s) are not supposed to be available for use. (Our subscription is current, by the way).

3. Continuing to work in SL2, we exported and imported for translation to Spanish. All is well.

4. Purchased Articulate 360 and upgraded the course (now in Spanish). Received the missing font notification and conducted the replace font function. That is when I discovered the marker content issues. I was also able to replace some artifact fonts that came into the course when the translator inadvertently used a different font.

I'm not able to explain the marker issue, but I was able to use the suggestion in the thread you mentioned about "find font" to export (translation) and search for the font. The leftover Adobe Font was actually tied to empty space marks. I deleted the spaces and that got rid of the Missing Fonts notification when I reopened to course.

Long story, but I hope it helps someone else out down the road.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Lori - that's a really thorough explanation of what occurred. I haven't used any of the Adobe Creative cloud fonts, and I suspect the location of the installation may be contributing to the fonts issue you're seeing.  I'm glad things are figured out on your end for this project though - but please keep us posted if you run into something again.