Swapping fonts and font sizes

So working on some projects recently that we were converting to Arabic we came across a problem with fonts which meant we had to swap out all the fonts in some of our projects to a different one that supports Arabic.

So this is quite an easy thing to do with Storyline's replace font feature, however it doesn't allow you to change font sizes en-mass.  As you may or may not know some fonts have different sizes, so a size 16 in one font may look like a size 12 in another, which is the case with a lot of Arabic fonts.

We found a nice little work around for this though by editing the XML of the project file.  I have put together a video for those of you who may be interested in how to do it.

A word of warning though, backup your project file first, and if you aren't comfortable with editing XML and CSS then this may not be for you.

(this is my first voice over tutorial video so go easy on me :) )

 Edit: I'm not sure why the quality is low while viewing on here, but here is the YouTube link where it displays fine - https://youtu.be/deDE83gKZCw 

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