Storyline 360 Video Playlist Freebie

Feb 06, 2019

Hi all,

I created this video playlist freebie.  Check out the demo:  Only the first two buttons work. At 7 seconds a feedback panel flies out over the video but you can change the timing on this on the triggers within Storyline. It's currently set up to report to SCORM 2004 but you could also adjust for xAPI. 

To use:

In the Web Object file, unzip the zip folder and open in a text editor and replace the URL of the video with your own video URL (mp4).

In Storyline 360, re-add in the Web Object where the Web Object field is. Adjust the Trigger on the main slide for when you want the feedback to show up. It currently shows up at 7 seconds.

To add more slides, you'll need to add more variables and adjust the triggers with the variables.

Storyline Download: 

Web Object Download: 

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