Storyline Accessibility auto populating

Jan 11, 2023

I have a very simple feature request. 

Currently Storyline by default auto populates alt text on every object imported or created in a project. This means that if I have a button that has text on it that says "click me" as well as an icon comprised of an arrow and a target, each item on that button will have auto populated with alt text. So now when a screen reader goes to announce an item it has to announce the rectange of the button, the text in the button, the oval for the target, and the arrow. When all I wanted was the text to be read. And because I have 6 different states for that button, I now have to go in and turn off accessibility for each object 6 times. This is a huge waste of time and productivity.
I propose that there be an option on the storyline ribbon to disable accessibilty when creating new objects, much like the "generate closed captions" option when inserting text-to-speech.

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Pierre Sosa

Hard agree! I hate that accessibility is turned on by default, not because I am against accessibility but because I want to selectively activate that feature! At some point I put in a feature request for the accessibility checkbox to be part of the timeline, right besides the objects name, lock, and blind boxes, and that the timeline of states be made accessible. With those two interface elements, you'd be able to see at a glance which objects are available to the screen reader, regardless of if the item is on the base layer, on a slide layer, in a group, or in a state.