Storyline and Captivate

Apr 15, 2013

Does Storyline support Captivate or better yet AS3?

Trying to embed Captivate files into Articulate is such a major pain!

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troy schulze

Thanks Peter!

My office has been using Articulate for years, however since we upgraded to Captivate 5.0 or higher, now I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to embed Captivate files.

We have Storyline as well, we just haven't used it much.

If embedding Captivate files into Storyline is as easy as it used to be in Articulate maybe I will switch to Storyline.

Michael Hinze

Troy, I think you are referring to the issue with Articulate Studio only supporting AS2 and having to add Captivate files as as web object. In Storyline this is not an issue anymore, as you can see from the screenr that Peter had provided. I sometimes use Captivate 6.x projects in Storyline and have not run into issues (yet).

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