Storyline and Drupal

Nov 29, 2012

I am developing a course in Storyline and our LMS is Drupal. I've been told they are compatible but was wondering how easy/difficult it is going to be? We have Drupal 7.

I am project managing this, and have very limited programming skills. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Eric Vander Wal

We have tested three solutions. One is just to link the course launch page.

The second is to launch it inside a thickbox from within drupal using thickbox's iframe function. 

A third is to use an iframe within your drupal page/node.

Mostly I have stuck with the first option because it is the most reliable, but I am hoping to test out the thickbox option across more devices and browsers because it looks more pretty.

Eric Stephan

I make a lot of use of drupal and also storyline. I don't understand how there could be any kind of bedrock incompatibility with drupal and storyline.  Like any CMS, drupal can nicely present pages of content. Those pages can contain nicely presented, clickable HTML links of course.  Simply place HTML links to your modules that were created with storyline and which you have simply FTP'd into regular directories on your server space.  These can happily appear in their own, much-loved presentation windows.   You will not place your StoryLine content "into" drupal CMS itself... you will just upload those into your server directories in the normal FTP way, and then link to the correct URL from your drupal site's pages.  But,  if you were hoping that drupal would present the content with connections to the SCORM status and such, that's naturally a much more specific need...  I use moodle for that. If you hated moodle, you need to use drupal and you need to use SCORM tracking, send me an email  (estephan  at  metamango dot com)  and i can tell you a web developer company I've used a lot that has created modules in Drupal to handle SCORM content tracking....



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