Storyline as a framework for video lectures


I'm planning to use Storyline 360 as a framework for (mp4) video lectures, complemented by buttons adding extra material for additional information on the topic.
The idea is to have a 2 minutes vídeo in each slide, maybe in a total of 30/40 slides in each project.

- Is Storyline robust enough to handle all these videos without problem?
- Is it possible to click on buttons or activate triggers while videos are playing or the user has to wait until they finish?
- Is it possible to have buttons and clickable triggers on top of videos, or only by the side?
- Do you have any in-depth tutorial/discussion on video lectures using S360? 
- Is S360 a native Mac app?

Storyline is a BIG $$$$ financial investment (it is a shame it has no monthly option), so I need to know before committing to a year.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Marcos! You can most definitely use Storyline 360 to achieve this! 

  • Storyline is robust enough to handle 30-40 slides with a 2 minute video on each slide. You'll want to consider your authoring environment and the specs of the machine you're using - CPU speed, amount of RAM, and so on. You can read about the minimum system requirements here. 
  • You can add buttons and triggers to slides with videos, and your users can access those at any time. The buttons can be anywhere on the slide, including on top of the video, if you wish!
  • I have not seen any tutorials or discussions on video lectures in Storyline 360 yet, but I did want to point you to other sources of inspiration here and here
  • Storyline 360 is not a native Mac app, but you can install it in in Parallels DesktopVMware Fusion, or Apple Boot Camp. You can read more about that here. 

I hope this was helpful! Be sure to reach out if you have any further questions. :)