Storyline Audio

Jun 25, 2014

Is there a setting wherein I can set the initial Storyline audio to "Mute" when a course begins?

If so, I would then provide instruction to users that do want to hear the audio.



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Andrew Sellon

Hi, Terry!  I'll just put this out there: rather than go through extra steps of coding to turn off the audio at the outset, why not just make your learners aware of the audio on/off toggle button that is standard on the player, if you think they won't intuitively know?  I don't the know the details of your project, of course, but it seems a little counter-intuitive to go to the trouble of adding audio, then muting it by default.  I think virtually any learner who looked at the Storyline player would know how to use the audio on/off button, even if you said nothing, simply because it's ubiquitous to player control sets.

That said, you might want to check out this thread for some ideas that may help, if you really want to mute by default: 

Hope this helps!


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