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Bonita Anderson

Sorry for the delay..... I have attached an example. When your review the quiz, the first slide shows answers in black on the next slide (created as a new slide) the answers are shown in white??

I would like all answers in white and it seems that the only way to so this is to recreate new slides? I was hoping for an easier option.

Thanks, Bonita

Bonita Anderson

Hi Leslie
This is odd – when I checked, one was white and one was black
I have added another example file – I published and then checked – please see Replay mp4 attached

It would be very weird if you published at your end and the review answers were all white?

Thanks, Bonita

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bonita! I popped in to check on your case (00703166) and see where Emily was able to assist you. Looks like your file may have had some corruption, but in the future and for anyone following along, those colors are controlled as follows:

Under the design tab, under colors/create new theme colors is where you can change the color for this text. Text/Background - Dark 1" color for the text if it's a light theme, and "Text/Background - Light 1" for the text if it's a dark theme.