storyline course and LMS content player

The content player title for my Storyline courses says "new story" instead of the name of the course, which appears in the reporting tab when I publish it.   Does anyone know why it isn't picking up the title from the reporting tab?   How can I get the name of the course to be reflected in the content player window title?


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Gerry Wasiluk

If you can, open the imsmanifest.xml file in the published output.  Check to see that the title is displayed correctly there.  Can't remember the exact filed name but it should be obvious.

You might also want to search on the wrong title that you are seeing in that same file and see if it shows up.

deb creghan

Thanks for the suggestion Gerry.  We have a process to modify the manifest to remove our LMS's content player and I discovered that we had some incorrect values that were being picked up and passed to the LMS in the modified manifest. I corrected them and no longer have the problem.  I appreciate the help!