Storyline - customize report title and print quiz reports

I did the latest update (7-24-14 Update 6: 1407.2208) and with anticipation was anxious to try the new customize report title feature but when publishing and testing my program, I now have lost the ability to print my quiz results and thus have no clue as to how I can customize my report title too.

What do I do now?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

Can you tell us more about what is occurring when you try to use the print quiz results feature? Is the option missing entirely from your Results slide options or does it not work when testing the published output? If it's missing entirely, I'd want to have you conduct the repair steps as it sounds like something occurred within the update installation. If it's not working while testing the published output first, check that you're testing it within the intended environment as testing it locally could cause you to encounter security restrictions.

Please let us know how it's behaving after checking into those elements.

Tom Mcdonough

Hey Ashley,

I took your advice and did your recommended repair steps, reboot,and re-published to LMS.

Proper scoring and printing worked but the name of theentire project printed in each scene report in what used to be the RESULTS text– cool.

But, here’s the rub – can I customize the scene title of areport? I still need this functionalitybecause I have 6-scenes – all are test items within one project and each scenehas a different test topic. It’s a generalassessment tool for training placement.

I can share the entire project with you if you think itmight help (FYI, my project - assessment - is 118 slides). I've attached a pix of the main title of the project - Appliance Repair Assessment with the 6-scenes.

Again, thanks for your follow-up!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

I don't believe there is a way to customize it for the individual quiz results slide, but it pulls in the overall title. You may want to look into editing the report.html file that would be generated for the print results, but it's not something I would be able to assist with. There are these directions which deal with Quizmaker 09, and it would be a similar method for Storyline except after publishing your Storyline project, find the report.html file in the story_content folder of your published output.

Rich Walker


You want to edit the html code (bold text, including the quotes) below to update the title that shows on the report. In my report.html files it is line 291.

var strTitle = g_listQuizzes[g_oPrintOptions.strMainQuizId].strQuizName;


" + strTitle + "

if (g_oPrintOptions.strName)


if (g_oPrintOptions.strName.length > 0)


You want the code to read:


Quiz Title