Storyline doesn't recognize the link when screen recording

May 08, 2014

Hi everyone,

We are recording our screens to produce a step-by-step slides in try mode.

My colleague as no problem. Storyline makes good hint captions including the links name and right-size hotspots.

On my computer, Storyline doesn't recognize the link. So, I get generic hint captions like : 'Click on the image' or 'Click the pane'. Also, I must resize all hotspots.

We tried on a third computer. In the same capture, some links were recognized but others not. We did several tests and it seems to be unreliable.

Do you have any idea what could cause it?

Thanks in advance!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Elaine,

Are you recording functions through Google Chrome, by any chance?

When you create a screen recording of actions that you perform in Google Chrome, the default captions that get added to the screencast will not include details. For example, a caption may instruct the user to "Click", but it won't say "Click the Submit button" or "Click OK", etc.

Google Chrome communicates very little information to the Windows Accessibility API, which is how Storyline collects information about your screen recording. In addition to missing caption details, you may also find that some steps have been omitted from your screen recording.

You can correct this.  Here are two options:

  • For best results, use Internet Explorer to record your screencast.  It provides the richest set of data.  (Firefox also works well.)
  • Or, edit the captions in Storyline to include the relevant text after you've completed your screen recording in Google Chrome.
Helen Tyson

Hi Elaine

The accuracy of the captions is down to the target software - Christine talks about the different level of information different browsers provide and this is relevant to non-browser software too.  Storyline will pick up on the labelling applied to objects in the recorded interface, describing them as the developer who built the software/interface described them and this isn't always the same as the actual text or label that you see in the display.

As for the hotspots, the size of those will also depend on the prescribed borders of objects in the target software and if Storyline can't identify that border it will use a generic size as a placeholder for you to edit.

A recent example I saw was a customised SAP interface where buttons were made up of a shape, a text box and an icon image, so I found the caption was different every time depending on where on the button I actually clicked. The hotspots were different sizes too.

Editing the hotspots you just have to do manually, but one hint I have for quicker editing of captions is to use the translation export (I normally use Word with Reference Column) and edit in there:

  • use Find & Replace to quickly change things like 'Click' to 'Select' etc
  • update the slide names quickly too
  • you can see the sequence laid out rather than moving from slide to slide
  • change the font size and format in here as well if you need to

Hope that helps explain what's going on, and gives you a little help to speed up the editing.



Elaine Poirier

Thanks for your answers!

Christine: I am recording through Internet Explorer.

Helen: I understand what you explain. But it doesn't explain why captions from the same software are different on different PCs.  We tested the same software, clicked the same buttons on 3 different PCs and we had differents results.

Any others ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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