Storyline Drag-Drop "Allow only one item..." won't be recognized by intersecting-check

Dear support & community.

I ran into a tricky problem with recognizing, if an draggable object was reset to its original position via the "Allow only one item..." option under the drag-drop settings.

It seems impossible -- tried intersection trigger conditions, state-checks etc...

Attached is an image showcasing the setup and what the issue is.



To recognize if all drag-drop objects are placed on their targets, no matter if correct or incorrect. Only then the submit function must be executed.

If only one of the drag-drop objects is missing, sumbit must not work.

This must also be true when objects have been dragged out again from their targets and are "snapped" back to their origins.



What works:

When a user drags the object out of the "intersecting" area manually, everything works as intended: The trigger condition "when: Object intersection ends" recognizes the object being dragged out of the intersecting object (which in this case is the target). => Thus storyline recognizes that not all objects are currently placed on their target areas and submit won't be executed. Great.


What doesn't work:

Using the "Allow only one item..." option, which is needed in this case, a user can place an drag-drop object ontop of an object that has already been placed on a target. The old object thus will be "snapped" back onto it's origin automatically. However there seems to be no way to know if this happened! => Thus Storyline still thinks all objects are currently placed on their target areas and submit will be executed(but it shouldn't, since at least one of the object was snapped back to its original state).



Sadly I can't send a file, but I really hope the issue was described well enough for anyone who ran into the problem and found a solution. Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stefan,

Once you begin to add triggers, conditions, etc. to a drag and drop it will no longer adhere to the built-in Storyline drag and drop options. The triggers/conditions essentially override what Storyline is setup to do, and that's when you may start to notice some odd behavior.

It's not considered a bug at this point, as there are options (with a lot of triggers) to accommodate these custom design needs. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Stefan K.

Do I understand you correctly that Storyline doesn't want to change anything about the behavior? It can't be that Storyline doesn't want to implement an elementary requirement and just because there is a workaround with triggers doesn't define it as a bug? The requirement is not even completely absurd, but completely normal in the area of e-learning. Or would you say that the requested requirement is not useful or necessary?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stefan,

We're always open to changing features or adding additional support, I was sharing that it wasn't an existing setup in Storyline today. Our team evaluates feature ideas and requests using the steps outlined here, in comparison to how we identify and tackle bugs.

Happy to share your thoughts with the team, or if you'd like to send along using our feature request form that's always an option too.