Storyline file (360) freezes in preview and publish mode

Mar 28, 2017

Hi community

I have shared an issue last week about my screen freezing at a specific point in my slides (only happening with one file, others working fine) and someone was kind enough to try the file for himself and it is working fine on their side. This morning my client also tried it and it is working too. My conclusion: there is a problem with my installation. 

Could someone point me in the right direction for fixing SL360? Or fixing a specific file? I run the French version 3.4.10364.0. Thank you in advance.

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Helene Caura

Thank you Leslie. Unfortunately none of these solutions worked. I have tried to import my slides in a new project=> it was impossible to publish (crashed). I uninstalled then reinstalled SL 360 and this time it is publishing correctly but the slide freezes at the same place. I also tried to import them in a new project with the repaired SL, but it failed too. 

I am going to ask a friend to save the project with a different name and send it back to me to see if it cleaned it.

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