Storyline file- Publishing to Word with Notes

Feb 08, 2019



I am having 2 issues with publishing from Storyline to Word with notes. 

  1. When my course is published to Word with the notes option, the text that is on the slide is not coming up on the notes, instead there are descriptions of images on the slide. How do I make sure the notes capture the text that's on the slide instead of the image descriptions?
  2. The other issue is that I have made updates to other courses, and when I republish with the updated version the old version notes (text from the slide) are coming up in the notes section. How do I make sure that updates made to the course transfer over to the notes?
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Crystal Horn

Hello Ruth!  When you publish to Word, you should have a document that includes an image of your slide and the text from your Notes panel.  It may look something like this: 

What is your slide setup like?  Do you have text boxes, or other shapes with text?  Does the text appear in a state of an object, rather than immediately on the slide?

If you'd like to share a screenshot of your Word doc, that'll be helpful for me to see exactly what's happening.  Just attach it here in your reply.

Also, I would expect your edits to be reflected when you publish a new version.  Try giving it another title in the publishing window; I'd like to see if opening a second doc works better than overwriting the original.

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