Storyline freezing when Microsoft Office programs are being used

Jun 24, 2016

So after months of continual freezing and having to close with the task manager I am getting so frustrated and I am hoping someone can shed some light on this issue, as our IT guys have run out of ideas.

When I am using Storyline, if I have another document open such as  Powerpoint, if I move off the storyline file to the PPP window, when I come back the storyline file has frozen, totally unresponsive to anything. I can save or anything and have to force quit it, losing anything I have done recently. This in particular is the case if I click Save in the PPP/Excel/Word doc.

Has anyone come across this before or have any ideas I can send to IT to try out?

Thank you

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Helen -- Thanks for reaching out here, and may I ask if you have had a chance to run through the troubleshooting options listed here to see if you find improvement? If you continue to have troubles, you may want to connect with our Support Engineers so that they are able to pull system logs to help determine where the issue is taking place. 

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