Storyline Mobile Player for Desktop Output

Dec 13, 2017

Everyone loves the new Storyline Mobile/Responsive player that displays for tablet and phone. Since it's introduction, the community wanted it available for desktop output.

Is there any way to achieve this yet (i.e. even if we could trigger it with a breakpoint edit)... 

... pleeeeeeeease...???

You guys did such a great job with the mobile player, folks want it.

Even if it isn't possible now, I know this was on development's radar since launch- any ETA?

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David Glow

That's great news Alyssa.  Even when performing BETA testing, we were BLOWN away by how slick the player was and were really eager to see it available for desktop.

The one thing ALL my clients are saying is "we want ONE UX for the user".  In fact, the last org I was at was holding off on upgrading Storyline for this upgrade.

Eagerly awaiting this update (I guess that is the problem with making a slick responsive player, eh?) ;)

Scott L

Just chiming in here to say that a Unified Player interface is a fantastic idea! And it's most certainly a big thing to work on. Since work has begun I'm assuming add'l feature request wouldn't stoke the flames at all...

I wonder if this is a feature SL users will see later in 2018. We know that it's hard to predict when a new feature will roll out in a SL update, and we're approaching Q3 2018. Any feedback on if we'll see this feature in 2018 yet, or is that unknown?

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for checking in, Scott! While I don't have an ETA at this point, I can say we're getting close!

We have done some additional fixes and refinement based on testing, so that has affected the release date a bit. As soon as it's ready, I promise we'll let you know --our team is just as excited as you are! Everything I've seen so far looks really cool. 😀

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