Storyline Player Different in Desktop and Mobile

Apr 26, 2021

In the Storyline file, I selected Player Style: Classic which appears as it should when opening the file in our LMS on the desktop.  However, when opening the file in our LMS on a mobile device, the Player Style is Modern.

Any one know why there is a difference, and how I can make the player on the mobile device also Classic?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Drew!

I'm happy to help! The Classic Player isn't fully responsive for mobile devices like the Modern Player, so you will see the Modern Player displayed when viewing a course on a mobile device. 

However, the same features that you select in the Classic Player will appear in the Modern Player when viewing the course in a mobile environment. 

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Drew!

When you're using the classic player, you'll still see a responsive player skin on mobile devices in Storyline 360.  This article gives some great visual comparisons of modern and classic player styles on different devices.

I'm not aware of any workarounds to display the Classic Player on a mobile device. If I hear of any, I'll update you in this discussion.