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Kendra Kernen

Saving, quitting then reopening the project as Julia suggests does eliminate the problem. I've tried this in the past with success, but was hoping there was some specific cause that I could avoid. I've tried the repair route, but it doesn't help. I guess restarting the program is as much trouble as clicking 15 times to publish, so I'll continue to use those two methods. Thanks!

Christie Pollick

So sorry to hear that issues persist, Kendra! And you're right, it should not be necessary to jump through lots of hoops to publish your file, so if you are able to share, I am happy to check it out to let you know if I experience the same behavior you have described! 

Or, if sharing your file publicly here in the thread is not a suitable option, you are welcome to pass it along via this form and I will reply by email from within your case -- whichever you prefer!  :)