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Hi All, 

We have a technical issue hosting the Storyline content in our content management system. I hope you can provide some clarity here.

We have an issue with the way the software names the files. The files contain a mix of upper and lower case letters. Our content management system only recognizes lower case letters.

Does the software package provide the ability to control how the file names are generated.

Please find the attachment, your help would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you 

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Thulani,

No, there is no way to control how the file names are generated. 

I'd suggest this is an issue with your content management system rather that Storyline's output. This is the first time I've heard of capitalisation in file names being problematic.

Any chance they can change the CMS to handle capitalisation in file names?

If not, have you considered hosting your courses elsewhere (e.g. Amazon S3) and using an iFrame to display them in your CMS?


Charles  Darwin University


We're in the same boat. Our webserver is Linux-based and is lower-case only.

However, the files within the Storyline folders seems to be internally indexed which ignores the overall indexing. While we can't link to component files directly (!) we can still directly link tot eh story.html file and then everything works from there.

My answer: give it a go anyway.