Storyline quiz question type descriptions

I am looking for some kind of document that provides a brief description of the various quiz question types available in Storyline to provide a SME who is new to writing assessment questions for elearning. Does such a thing exist? I've been all over this site and Googled my fingers off and can't seem to find anything like it.

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Heather Horner

Thanks, Christie. I did see all those tutorials, but they're not quite what I'm looking for because my SME won't be using Storyline to actually build the quiz and I don't want to overload him with unnecessary information. I was hoping for a document that provides a brief description of each question type in one place. When you click a question type on the Insert Slides screen, you get a description to the right explaining it. Having all those brief descriptions in one document would be helpful as a resource to my SME who doesn't have access to Storyline and is new to creating quiz questions. I'm trying to help him move past multiple choice and true/false. I can explain the different types to him or just create the cheat sheet myself, but was hoping it was something that already existed.

Bruce DeViller