Storyline: Reset drag and drop to initial state from Results slide and stay clickable

Mar 13, 2023

I've looked around on these forums and Google to find an answer to this.

How can I reset drag and drop objects from a Retake button on a Results slide so learners can interaction with them on a retake of the assessment?

I have a drag and drop interaction as a part of an assessment. Learners are given correct/incorrect feedback. The slide is scored and counts toward the Results slide percentage score. If they fail the assessment, learners click Retake on Results Failure layer, and all slides reset, then learner is taken back to Question 1.

However, though the drag objects reset their screen position when learners get back to the drag and drop slide, the objects are locked, and the learner cannot drag them.

The drag and drop is not Question 1, so some of the solutions I've found online cannot be performed (like a trigger from Retake button to the drag and drop slide itself). Because it is an assessment, I don't want to use a Try Again function since none of the other slides in the assessment use that.

Thanks for any insight!

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John Morgan

Hi Scott,

Good news! I've done some testing on a file I've created based on your description and I was able to come up with a solution for you! Do you have a "Reset results" trigger on the Failure layer on the Results slide? Disabling or deleting that trigger will make drag-and-drops lock up. Here's a screenshot of that trigger in its disabled state.

I've also included a sample story file for you to work with! 

Thanks for reaching out!