Storyline Screen Reader problems

May 05, 2015

Recently I've done a course for a client with very strict accessibility requirements and there seem to be some problems with screen readers. I don't understand very much about screen readers and they've sent me the email below:

"I have been able to have a look at the HTML versions of the modules. I have tested in Firefox and Chrome as the HTML5 version doesn’t display in IE8. There is quite a significant issue in that I am unable to read anything on the page except for the text ‘template’ on the main page and only 1/1 on the subsequent page.

I have had a look at the Generated source code and it appears to be in order but for some minor items that are not best practice however it should read. There must be something that they are doing with the scripting that is preventing the content from loading into the screen reader buffer possibly some code that runs a redirect.

I tried it with another screen reader (NVDA) with the same results."

Any ideas?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paco!

We do not support viewing HTML5 content in IE8 as you can see here.

JAWS won't read web objects due to the way Flash content is embedded in the HTML page. If JAWS support is a requirement for your course, we recommend creating content directly in your course rather than embedding web objects. The Size and Position window lets you control an object’s height, width, rotation, scale, crop, and location. It's also where you enter alternative text, which is important for learners who rely on screen readers. See this tutorial for details.

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