Storyline Sidebar - Can we add additional Note Tabs?

May 09, 2014

Hi there - we are doing some partial localizations of elearning modules, by that, I mean we are keeping VO in English, but translating the VO script into 3 languages. Rather than "stack" those those translated scripts on top of each other in the "one" Notes tab/section that exists (forcing learners to scroll to their local language script), wondering if it is technically possible ot add two additioinal Notes tabs that would be labeled in the languages we are localizing so those viewers could easily select the 'Notes' tab of their language to see that, versus having to scroll down to find their language's "section' in the one existing Notes area.  Hope that makes sense.  Appreciate any feedback.

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Scott Dickman

Hi Ashley, thanks for your reply. Yeh, essentialy, I need everything to be on the same slide, and was hoping that there might be a way to add additional note fields that could have a corresponding Notes Tab assigned in the left navigation pane, that would reveal that text (or in this case the VO script for that particular language labeled on the Note Tab).  I'm obviously not a programmer, but seems like this would not be hard to add to Storyline, question would be is the value for your user base.

Like I say, we can always 'stack' the 3 or 4 language translation  blocks of text on each slide's Notes Section, but inevitably, some audience will have to scroll down to get to their language on each slide. Not impossible, but not convenient from a usability perspective.

Are there any SDK options for Storyline that might allow a custom solution to this? If we worked with a 3rd party to implement?

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