Storyline Template on how to use Storyline?

Jan 19, 2021

Hi everyone, 

I was just asked to do a last-minute presentation a little later this week for a group of my colleagues, who have never used Storyline, about the Basics of using Storyline 360

I was just getting ready to start from scratch, when it occurred to me that I could ask this group if anyone has a basic "How-to" presentation you would share with me and allow me to add to (based on our needs) with some interactions, etc.  Of course I would attribute your presentation to you and share what I come up with as add-ons as well.  That would save me a great deal of time having to design the presentation with just the basics, versus "jazzing it up" with some exciting features.  

If no one has something like this, no worries.  I figured if you might have this, I could spend my time building interactions instead of just adding the basic functions and then I'd share the final product!! :-)  Thanks so much!

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Peggy Kunz

Hi Emma, 

I'm so glad someone else has the exact same question!  While it isn't tough to find a pdf or even an already-made Storyline 360 "How-to" video, it IS hard to find one that we can edit!  And I know that if I have to create the video with all the "How-to" basics, I won't have time to add in all the things that would "Wow" them so they want to use Storyline too! 

In fact, I have about 6 or 7 co-workers interested in seeing this short demo so they can decide if it serves their purposes; if so, they will purchase it as well.  I just want to add the things I know they need...the bells and whistles they are looking for...but I need the basic "How-to" Storyline 360 i can add to it.  

Fingers crossed that we both find our answers here!  :-)