Storyline to PowerPoint?

May 20, 2013

Hi All! I've created a short Storyline course on using Video Conferencing at our company, and now I've been asked to deliver the presentation live in Webinar form. I'd like to export my Storyline presentation to a Powerpoint file in some form. I don't need the animations or anything like that to work, but it would be great if I could just get my images, graphics, layouts, etc. out onto PowerPoint slides. Is there any easy way to do this in Storyline?



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Antony Snow

Hi Ethan,

I'm pretty sure (but would be happily corrected) that you can only import from PowerPoint to SL and not export from SL to PowerPoint.

You could take a series of screenshots or publish it to Word and copy and paste the slide images from the output into your presentation, but this will only give you flat images?


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