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I am really new to Storyline.  Just started 30 Day Trial on Friday.  I attended a webinar on Storyline (first time I had seen the product) last week and played around with the trial this weekend.  I have a couple questions.

1.  I don't see the scene where I have two slides, one with an added video.  I tried previewing entire project and I published to AO and it wasn't in either place.

2.  Where do the downloads (the free downloads on site) go and how do I get them to the Storyline templates? 

3.  The published product did not seem to move as smoothly as I thought it would.  I think I had to click on a scene/slide rather than have it come in automatically.  And there seemed to be delays.  Guess that isn't a question, just a comment if anyone has any suggestions. 

I know I will have more questions as I play around some more!  I would like to get comfortable and ask my Company to purchase in the next few days so we can take advantage of the promotion going on until Jan. 31. 

Thank you!


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Kelly  Anne

Hi Sheri,


Welcome! You'll find tons of great advice on the forums, and it's good to become familiar with searching them because no matter how proficient you become, they'll bail you out (as they have me on many occasions!) as you attempt more complex tasks. I did a search for download templates and here is one string that I thought looked helpful.  

Hope it helps.

I've used a variety of tools to create e-learnings for years, and I can tell you that I am a huge fan of Storyline. It's still in its early stages, but it really does some amazing things. And the Articulate community is responsive and supportive. I think you'll be impressed.

Good luck,

Kelly Anne

Sheri  Matt

Thanks Kelly Anne!

I am new to Storyline, but not Articulate or the Community!  I agree....SO helpful! 

I don't know if I am over my head though.  I was reading through the other posts for Storyline and I don't even know what some people are asking!  I am not very tech smart.  (That is one reason I loved Presenter so easy!)  I would love to take my e-learning to another level and so far it looks like Storyline could really help me.  But I still have a lot to learn.


Bruce Graham

Hey Sheri.

The first thing is do not panic

Yes - SL has a lot more than Presenter, but it is also a big elephant, so eat it slowly.

Without looking some more, all I can do is answer Q3 - you need to go to the slide, and at bottom-right click the "gear" icon, and change the setting to "Slide Advances > Automatically".

Hope that helps with at least one-third of your questions