Storyline trigger issue

Jun 25, 2015

I am having problems with the triggers. We are not using the conventional player controls to advance through the training. This is a game show type format that will be facilitated and we are using the Page Down and Page Up key strokes (same keys that a remote uses). When we get to the playing board we have 20 text boxes that are triggers (think Jeopardy) we use the mouse to select to activate the trigger and just to the corresponding question (new slide with two layers). The Page Down/Up triggers no longer work. If you use the mouse and click anywhere on your new slide the Page Down/Up triggers re-activate (there are no other triggers on the base layer). Only the Page Down trigger to show the answer layer. 

Does anyone have an idea?

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Chris Hensen

Thanks Phil - I was hoping the programmers would have this resolved. The continues to replicate itself when the presenter would return to game board - even though the trigger is set at 1 click by the mouse the presenter has to double click - one to activate the board and one to launch the  trigger. Very frustrating. Hopefully the bug will be identified and corrected soon.

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