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Mar 02, 2017

Hi everyone, I am developing a "game" that takes the player to a single slide containing different coloured rewards once he/she has answered a question correctly.  On this rewards slide, the game master must instruct the player to "choose a PARTICULAR colour reward" based on the question answered correctly.  Each question is essentially weighted and linked to a particular colour reward.  

For example, if Joe answers Question 1 correctly (which is worth 1 point), the game master will instruct the player to "choose a BLUE reward".  When Joe answers Question 2 (worth 2 points), then the game master's instruction will be to "choose a YELLOW reward".

I would appreciate some help on how to set up the variables that will link each question, answered correctly, with the relevant instruction ("choose a PARTICULAR colour) on the rewards slide.

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Dave Cox

Hi Lorraine,

It would be helpful if you could post your project here, and someone could look at what you are doing to see the best way for you to do this.

Based on the information you gave us, you seem to have three options.

  1. Set up states for your message, and select the correct state to display the message based on the value of your variable.
  2. Select a slide layer that contains the message or content that you want to display based on the value of your variable.
  3. Navigate to a slide with the correct content for your selection based on the value of your variable.

If you are only update the message, the first option may be your best choice.

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