Storyline Video not working consistently


I have run into a block that I am not sure how to overcome.  I have a presentation with a large video that I posted in GoogleDrive while testing, and the video works with no problem.  When I posted the presentation in my server at work, the video doesn't run.  I originally embedded an MP4 video, so I tried again with Flash to see if that fixed the problem.  No such luck.  


These are the links to the presentations:

File with Flash Movie in Googledrive:

File with MP4 Movie in Googledrive:

File with both Flash and MP4 Videos on work server:

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Susie and welcome to Heroes!

It's possible your server doesn't have the correct mime type to play the video, which is mentioned at the bottom of this support article. 

The videos seem to play for me, although I did have to click the play button for each of them, so they're not set up to play automatically?