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Jul 10, 2012

Hi - this may seem like a dumb question - but would really appreciate anyone with experience to give me their perspective. 

We've been very occasional users of Articulate Studio over the past few years - and it's done a good job for us.  We're now in a position where I think our business may have a role to use it more.  We're not an e-learning business as such - but often need to embed our advice into client businesses in such a way that it 'spreads' throughout an organisation. A 'self-presenting-presentation' works for this purpose.

My question is this.

Should we invest in Studio or Storyline to do this?

What I'd love to hear is the practical pros and cons from someone who may have used both.  What were the real standout benefits for you of each platform?  Were there clear benefits of one over the other?

I realise that this is highly subjective - but I'd really appreciate some help in clarifying the real world benefits.

Many thanks.

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Phil Mayor

Storyline is a much better product than Studio but it is also a different product.  There is a learning curve that has been facilitated by elegant design and overal an intuitive interface.  If you are comfortable with powerpoint, you will instantly feel at home within Storyline.

Form my point of view the advantages of Storyline compared to Studio are

Single file that can easily be shared with colleagues

Ability to track variable across slides

States of objects so building rollovers and other interactive elements is very easy.

Layers on slide, so more content can be added to slides in a "more information" style

Markers can be used on any slide.

The player has a single interface so no more engage or quizmaker controls

Drag and drop is so easy to implement

Things you may miss

Prebuilt engage interactions (although can be inserted into Storyline)

More comprehensive animations

I have stopped any Studio development, Storyline is more of a blank canvas tool that allows you to create stuff that you could only imagine in Studio.

May sound like evangelising but look at the showcase, and then think how you would go about developing that in Studio

Hope this helps


Bruce Graham


To answer your question, I now build everything from scratch HOWEVER, I do miss the "Circle" interaction", which I think is better pre-built.

I do completely understand the "build-it-yourself" concept, and you can with SL, however, I also understand the concept of here's a basic format/template that looks and feels the same as the rest of the product, (whereas e.g. Raptivity does not...)


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