Storyline1 story upgraded to Storyline2 - bottom right corner of slide

Jan 26, 2015

Hi. I created a story in Storyline1, where I'd placed an on slide button in the bottom right corner to navigate the user back to the previous slide, and in doing so I removed the PREV & NEXT navigation buttons from this slide. In preview & published mode, the on slide button stays located in the bottom right corner.

I’ve recently upgraded this story to Storyline2, and in making sure everything on the slides work & look the same in both versions, I’ve noticed this button has moved out of the corner to the left & is now not in the corner as it was with Storyline1. When I add either the PREV &/or NEXT navigation buttons onto this slide in Storyline2, the on slide button moves back into the corner.

Is there any way in Storyline2, that I can get this button back into the bottom right corner, without having the PREV &/or NEXT navigation buttons showing on this slide please?

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Malcolm Hughes

Hi Brian. Thanks for reply. I have tried removing & reinserting the button in SL2, but the same thing happens. In fact, I've noticed that there seems to be an extra area created on the left hand side of the slide too (the image that was in the top left corner has moved into the right a little, the same sort of measurements as the bottom right button has moved into the left).

As the content is company sensitive, I'm not able to post it to an unsecure area sorry. I did try to copy & paste the slide to a new story using our template, but it didn't recreate the issue. I am using a company designed template, but it's the same one as used in SL1, which didn't have the issue.  

 Have you somewhere secure I could post please? Thanks Mal

Brian Allen

First, you may try creating a new SL2 project and importing your slides from the project you're having issues with.  See if that corrects the issue with you.

If you want to shoot me a copy of the .story file just go to my profile page and click on the "contact me" button under my profile picture -

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