Storyline2 interactive video not working on phones

Mar 09, 2016

I have a published story that runs fine on laptops and ipads, but not smartphones. The iphone we tested loads and plays the video but none of the interactivity works. The android phone does not play the video at all although the player and other elements appear and the seekbar advances as though the video is playing. I am not publishing for use with the Articulate Mobile Player because it is so poorly rated and I've had trouble trying to work with it in the past.

Is there anything I can do about this phone issue?

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Leslie McKerchie

You are correct Laura - and I should have specified that the route Ashley was guiding about playback and sharing your file is what my brain was thinking. Instead of telling you the same thing again - it just would be best to share your file so that we could take a look I think :) Also - my assumption was that it was perhaps the same file, so you could just ask questions when you submit the file. 

Either way - same file/different file - please share here so that we could take a look :)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Laura!

You mentioned support, so I took a peek at your support case so I could understand.

I see where you worked with John in a couple of cases and it looks like you reached a resolution on 3/8, but shared some subsequent concerns that John shared with our QA Team.

Looks like this is a different issue with the published output. Thanks for sharing your file. I am publishing so that I can take a look as well.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

I took a look at Miker's last email and it looks as if he was waiting for you to do a bit more testing - I've shared his response below but removed the links to your project in the event it could not be shared publicly:

I'm done reviewing your story. I published a copy and uploaded it here: 
<link removed>

I viewed the story in iPhone 6plus and Samsung Galaxy S5. In both instances, I was able to see the video and also click on the interactivity. 

For the iPhone, the video will launch in a separate video player. Here's how it displays: 
<link removed>

What I noticed was that the video will run and pause when there's an interaction needed. You need to click on the minimize button (highlighted by yellow in my screenshot above) to return back to the slide. You should see the interaction in the slide, as shown in this screenshot: <link removed>

You need to click back on the video to return to viewing it once you have selected an answer. 

On the Android side, the video will play in the slide, similar to how it displays on a web browser. This is how it displays on my S5: <link removed>

Can you check if you'll be able to reproduce the issue when viewing my version? Please share your results when you reply. 

I'll also have the email reset to you, so that you can see those link items. 

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