Storyline360/Publish/Player - button - hangs Storyline360 application

Jan 15, 2017

Latest version of Articulate-Storyline360 hangs when you click on the Player button in the Publish are of the top toolbar

When this was working unticking "resourses" didnt remove the resources link on the player 

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Adam Menary

hey thanks for the feedback

once again i find myself doing the beta testing here on a product that has a few bugs and solving my own issues!

the issue is that i have two screens and when i click the player button it flickers opens on the other screen but only a very feint outline and blank content for a few sections.  I figured this out because pressing escape closed the invisible box and gave mouse control back to the app which was frozen while the invisible screen was present. 

once i noticed this  i moved the storyline360 application to the same screen and like magic the invisible box became visible with all of the player details !!!!!

because i didn't have the control over the player controls in storyline 360 i had to make all my edits in storyline2 then import into 360 adjust all the layouts and then apply the storyline360 specific features - this has been traumatic 

one thing i have noticed is that the "landscape only" option is not working when i test on my iphone.  this was working a few version of storyline360 ago ?

Crystal Horn

Hey again, Adam.  That's some really odd behavior happening!  

Dual monitors issue:
I tested out on my monitors, having my main Storyline interface on one, and my Player Properties opened on the same screen.  I moved it over to the other monitor, it retained its functionality.  And then I closed, and reopened it in the same spot, and it was still functional.  

Our monitor setup might not be the same, however.  I'm using Windows 10 with Parallels on my Macbook.  Our support team has a variety of setups, though, and they can do some investigating with you.  Would you be able to connect with them here?

Landscape only issue:
I tested out the "landscape only" mode for one of my Storyline 360 templates, and on the iPhone 6S running iOS 10 I get the message to rotate once I attempt to view it with my phone in portrait orientation.  My current version of Storyline 360 is 3.2.9664.  You can test my course out with this link.

Resources tab persisting issue:
As far as the Resources tab persisting even when you've chosen to remove it...I always make sure that I have my Player Properties set up, AND my slide properties, since Resources is one of the tabs that can be added on a per-slide basis.  On my example above, I have the Resources enabled in the Player, but only showing for the first slide.  If it is showing where it shouldn't be, check the slide-level properties.

Our support team would be happy to work through these behaviors with you, though.  So feel free to reach out to them and attach your file for further testing!

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