Stoyline files through a TV?

Feb 21, 2013

Hi all,

A colleague of mine would like to play his storyline file through a TV via a USB stick - Is this possible?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lisa. Welcome to E-learning Heroes!

Interesting question! However, honestly, I don't see this working. Even if the content could load on the TV, you probably wouldn't be able to interact with it. Storyline publishes output files in HTML, Flash and HTML5. I don't see that type of content loading properly on a television.

Would be interested to hear what happens if your colleague tries this out, though  

Lisa Davies

Thanks Christine.

I attempted to recreate this. I saved a file to my USB and plugged it into my TV but it didn't even find the file so I guessed the answer was probably no.

The other suggestion is to connect his laptop to the TV and just play the file from his laptop.

I'm interested to see what he has created and why he needs to play through a TV.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lisa,

I totally agree. If he absolutely must view the content on a television, the best method would be pretty much to use the TV as a monitor (if the TV supports this) and just hook it up to view it. He'll need to interact with it on the laptop or desktop machine that he uses, but the visuals should show up on the television. 

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