Strange audio behavior

Apr 13, 2022

The attachment I've included was pulled out of a project I am working on. When run, it does something I've never seen SL do in 10 years of working with it. I've cut out content except the objects (a snap and bell sound effect and some text boxes) that seem to cause the problem. 

To hear it, publish the project (with seek bar) and then run it (I use Chrome). After the audio plays, start scrubbing the play head slowly back and forth to the extremes, and you'll that audio snap pop in and out. 

I cannot figure out what is causing this. Any suggestions to eliminate the audio playing while scrubbing the play head would be appreciated. 

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Robert! I apologize for the audio issues you are experiencing with your published course.

I tested this on my end by publishing it to Review 360 and playing it in Chrome and Edge and experienced the same issue.

I have a few questions to begin troubleshooting:

If none of these steps solves your issue, I'd like you to open a case with one of our Support Engineers.