Strange Behavior of Question Slides in Jeopardy Game

Hi, I participated with the Jeopardy Webinar for parts 1 & 2. However, when I review the finished project in Review, and I click on my 4th to 6th question, I get a question page where the right answer is already selected. There is no submit button like on a regular question slide, but there is a Previous and Next button -- totally NOT according to my settings! This "problem" jumps from question slide to another, randomly. The next time I upload to review and go through the game, another slide will have this problem, and the previous slide will be ok. If it was a static problem, on one slide... 

When I debug, I'll go into the slide itself, check all my settings, all the triggers.... All the programming is the same across all the slides, and my settings are what I want... on the pop-up screen, I reset the results when the user clicks the "Play Game" button. All the triggers and variables follows the webinar, except for that "Reset Results" at the beginning -- and I did that to try to fix these question slides. I'm at a loss as to what I can do.

To see what I'm talking about, please see my images. I've also attached the .story file. Hopefully someone can help me figure this out, it's just bugging me :)

Here's the Review URL:

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jennifer!

I'm not great with the Jeopardy games, but I took a look.

When you see a question slide that has the Prev/Next buttons vs the Submit button, it typically indicates that it's in 'Review' mode because it's already been touched.

So, for example:

Your Category 2 for 200 and your Category 3 for 200 are pointing to the same question, so I think some things may have gotten mixed up.

I didn't look any further than that, so make sure those are pointing to the right items :)

Hope that helps!

Looks great :)