Strange Bugs in Storyline 360?

Jun 28, 2018

Hi everyone,

I have been chasing a series of strange bugs today in Storyline 360. I updated to the latest update yesterday afternoon. Today I've experienced a couple of bugs that cause Storyline to behave in ways that should be impossible. 

For example, earlier today, on a form interaction that had been working fine for a long time, suddenly, whenever I typed a space-bar into any text entry field, Storyline would show the top layer in my layer stack. I don't think it's possible to set up a trigger to do this even if I wanted to, which I certainly did not!  I deleted an unused scene from later in the course, saved, rebooted my PC, and tried again and that cleared up the spacebar problem.

But it created a new problem. Now when I click a shape that has a "Show Layer" trigger associated with it, Storyline refuses to show the layer. 

UPDATE: OK, I figured out why the layer wasn't showing: somehow the state of the animated log sheet on that layer got set to hidden. Since that was the only element on the layer, showing the layer did nothing visible which made it seem like the layer wasn't being shown. That one might be on me, but at least now it's within my power to fix it. Whew!

UPDATE 2: I just figured out why hitting the spacebar was causing a layer to be shown. I had set up a trigger to show that layer under certain conditions (that is, when a variable had a certain value) when the learner clicked Next. However, I subsequently turned off the Prev and Next buttons in the Storyline player. Consequently, Storyline listed the trigger as "Show layer when user clicks Unassigned when [conditions are met]." With the Next button gone, I removed this trigger and the spacebar now works as it should again.

So it appears neither of these are bugs in Storyline after all, though the spacebar showing the layer is an odd response to the "Unassigned" entry in the trigger. But I guess it did ultimately tip me off to look more closely.



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Andy Jones

Hi guys, 

We also think we might have found a bug since the latest update. It looks as though the conditions for a text entry box have been reversed.

For example, when adding a trigger that jumps to the next slide , when the user clicks a button, IF the text entry box is NOT EQUAL TO blank, it actually behaves as if we have set the condition to be EQUAL TO blank.

It also happens vice versa.

When adding a trigger to a show a layer, when the user clicks a button, IF the text entry box is EQUAL TO blank, it actually behaves as if we have set the condition to be NOT EQUAL TO blank.

Not sure if this all makes sense so I've also attached the Storyline file. 


Crystal Horn

Hey there, Andy.  I agree that something weird was going on with your file.  I deleted your triggers and rebuilt them.  In the conditions, when I set the variable "not equal to" value ______, I didn't touch the value field.  So it looked like this:  (blank) in my trigger panel.  They seem to work as designed, now.

Let me know if that helps!


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