Strange link arrows in Story View

I'm seeing a strange connector line in Story View for a current project. It's all fairly straightforward with a linear route through the slides but for some reason Storyline shows the attached branch like view. Any idea what the problem might be? There are no layers in use. The strange link is between slides 3 and 4.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

I can't say why it looks like that either - but the lines indicate the trigger order in terms of  how you've set it up to jump from one slide to the next or to a specific slide. You can also look at the trigger panel to determine the slide it's jumping too (next slide would be the next slide in order) or if jumping to a specific slide that slide number. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks John for sharing. I took a look at it, and saw you're using the "restart course" trigger - and that seems to be the one that causes that extra spacing. You'll notice when you click on the slides in your project with that trigger (slide 1.3 and slide 1.4) that they show the red arrow to the next slide and back up to the start of the scene. I don't see the same spacing issue occur on a new project when using the same trigger - so I'm not clear on what's causing it in your file. 

I do wonder if you would want instead to use the "jump to slide trigger" and allow it jump back to the first slide? Are you using the "restart" to reset variables or all the slide statues or something similar?