Strange red letter code appearing in Storyline

Jan 07, 2013

Uploaded PPT to Storyline and when I preview or publish, I get this strange red letter code (see below). This is only on a few slides. If I insert a New Slide, no strange code. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Wim van den Bosch

Hi there,

That red text is coming from ByteScout (a third party library that converts emf to swf).  

When that arrow is being converted to a swf it appears Bytescout thinks it is not registered. 

I would suggest you try re-install, reboot and re-size the arrow (to clear the cache copy) and try again.

See the following link:



Mary Lynne

Hi there

I'm having the same problem. The error was appearing on all slides (around 50 slides) and even after removing all but two as well as all the shapes, the error continued to appear.  I reinstalled/repaired storyline and that didn't resolve the issue. All of my slides were imported from PowerPoint. Maybe this is where the problem lies? In reading over all the historic threads on this issue, this is the only thread that mentions PowerPoint.  I've attached the file

Thanks a bunch,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary-Lynne,

I tested it as well, and it appeared fine on my end as well. If you'd like to follow Harri's suggestion here are the directions you'll want to follow to import a project into a new Storyline project, although I believe as Nancy mentioned it's likely something coming from your computer since we're not able to see it when opening your file. 

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