Stuck with creation of Quizzes...

Nov 30, 2012

Hi All!  

I'm a newcomer to Storyline.. I have some of the basic functionality down... but I'm stuck with figuring out of a couple of specific things: 

I've created a quiz consisting of a Likert Survey and free form answers.  

The trigger defaults to 'submit interaction' when the user clicks 'submit'.  Probably a silly question but where does this submit the responses to?   presumably to the LMS?  (I'm using Articulate Online but having run a quiz report on the LMS, its not showing any responses).  Is it possible to fire these responses through to an email address instead of using the LMS?  

Would really appreciate your guidance on this.  Kind Regards, Ed (Sourcing Insight Ltd, Brighton, UK)

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Ed - I am going to answer your question with a question.

Did you create a Results slide in Storyline? 

Reason I'm asking is that I believe the submit button on the  quiz page just passes the user repsonse to the results slide.

There is then a button on the Results slide that submits the results to your LMS.

Ed Worthington

Hi Nancy

Thanks for your prompt reply.  There was no results slide in place. I've added one in and the content is now pulling through to the LMS.   Just started 'learning about e learning so really great to have this forum for questions - thanks so much for your help.

Still trying to figure out which LMS I host the content on. I'm tempted to go with an open source provider.. such as Moodle.. but I'm unclear on how much work it will take to integrate this LMS with my website. My website is a straightforward 'brochure' site (Joomla). 

Articulate Online is intuitive but relatively expensive and my goal here to test a business idea cheaply  (my expertise is in contract negotiation and I'm self building e learning courses in that field - i.e. providing niche training for a niche audience). 

Do you have any further advice about how easy / complex it generally is to set up and host content with an open source LMS such as Moodle?    Any further assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards, E

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Ed, the advantage of using something like Articulate Online or some other hosted service is that you don't have to set up and maintain the LMS yourself. Using a hosted service is the best bet for people who don't have the time or the technical aptitude to set up and maintain their own LMS, but you do pay for this.   Moodle is a good option if you don't want to pay for a hosted solution. It is easy to install but the UI is a little clunky and not all of the settings are obvious so you will probably have to spend some time looking through the Moodle documentation to ensure you get things set up properly. 

 As far as integrating Moodle with your website, once you install Moodle, all you really need to do is  create a link from your Joomla site to the Moodle URL.  All the user login and validation would occur within the Moodle site. Moodle aslo has a PayPal module if you are looking for a fast and easy way to charge users for your courses.

Another option that might work for you would be something like Open Sesame.

This is a service where you can upload and sell your courses. You don't have to pay anything to upload your courses but the company will take a percentage of your sales.

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