Styling Question Bank Slides

Apr 20, 2017

I am trying to apply a master slide layout to the default question bank slides without success. The default question bank text box styling always seem to supersede the styling of my slide layout I created. Where is the styling for the question bank slides coming from? 

My master slide layout has a placeholder text box for the question and choices but it is not one of the text boxes that has an orange icon in the timeline. BTW, what is this text box called that has the orange icon?  

I was able to successfully apply master styling to the correct/incorrect layers but not the base layer. Not even sure why that worked :)

I am using Storyline 2.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Perry, great question!

Slide masters can save you tons of time and effort, so I'm glad you're trying them out! Question bank slides take their styling from the 'Question' slide master layout. 

On a question bank slide, right-click in the gray area around the slide and select Layout. What layout is selected? 

From there, you can also choose a different layout, if you created a different master slide for your question bank slides.

Also, the textbox with the orange icon is the title placeholder. 

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