Submit variables to LMS without a quiz slide

I built a slide that has numberic inputs and I perform calculations based on what they input using triggers. There are 12 inputs and 9 calculations that display on a calculate button...on one slide. Works beautifully!

However, Storyline (as far as I know) doesn't allow us to trigger a calculated variable to submit to the LMS for reporting on a regular slide. That can only be done with a quiz slide. And even then you can only put one question on each slide.

I think where I went wrong with Ryan's example ( is my variables weren't being submitted, so PDFmaker had nothing when it tried to call my variables.

So two questions:

1. can I submit my variables without using a quiz slide using javascript, and

2. Is there a way to put multiple calculations on a quiz slide and submit all results

On a side note, I had an idea. If you create a quiz, you are able to create a results slide that then can print a report based on a report.html file that is in the published files. It looks nice... Could I take the report.html file from there and put it where Ryan has us placing the certificate.html

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