Support on Triggers for cue points

Oct 30, 2020

Hello Articulate Community,

I'm trying to build a training based on a video I created but the triggers I am using don't seem to work. I want to create some sort of virtual office tour, where I pause the timeline and insert buttons that have more information when learners will click on them.

I created the cue point, inserted the button on the main timeline. I then created a layer where I inserted my information box for when users click on it. But when I create the triggers on the layers, when the user closes the window, I can't seem to resume the timeline so that the video continues until the next cue point.

Any hints on how I could do this?


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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Deborad!

Glad you got the help you need — Judy is a star! 😊

Are you experiencing that behavior in the Example-pause_and_restart_timeline.story file above or a different project? I tested the file above, where the layer opens upon click during preview.

If you could attach the affected file to this public discussion in your reply, I'm happy to take a closer look! 

Garth Yorko

I have an example for you that I think will work.  

I inserted a video on the base layer and a couple of Cue Points.  I added buttons to the timeline so that they overlap the cue point by the duration of the entrance animation.

I created triggers to pause the timeline of the Base layer when a button is clicked.  There is another trigger to show a corresponding layer.

The layer timeline durations are short 1.75 seconds  I pause the timeline of the layer when the Entrance animation ends, resume the layer timeline when the learner clicks the close icon, resume the timeline of the base layer when the layer timeline ends, and finally, hide the layer when the timeline ends.

You can repeat with as many buttons as you like.

For the second and third buttons, I have them appearing at the same time.  The learner must review both before the video continues.  This is done with a T/F variable, you can see it on layers 2 and 3

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