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May 15, 2023

Hello all!

I have created a Personal Development Plan for my students through the Survey Essay function. They choose two objectives out of ten and then write some thoughts under each objective heading on the Survey Essay slide.

When it comes to printing, they are shown the answers they input on the objectives they chose, but then also the others they did not answer with blank spaces next to them. 

Is there a way to edit the print button to only print slides that students inputted an answer for? Thanks!

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Kelly Auner

Hi, Catherine!

I see you connected with my teammate, Carlo, in a support case. I'm glad they were able to provide possible workarounds. You're in great hands!

If anyone in the community is also curious about this, I'm to provide some clarity! Currently, there is no option that will allow the user to set the Print Result page to print only the answered questions. Here are a couple of workarounds:

I hope this helps!