Survey question

I am asking learners to select as many of the 20 statements that apply to them. I then want to multiply the number of selected statements by 5 to get a %. I guess I will use a variable to help me do this.

I was thinking of using survey questions over a number of slides. Is this a good idea? Is there a better way? Probably!



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Darren Heath

Hi Mark,

here is a quick example of how I would achieve it. This is by far from perfect as it counts each click of the radio buttons when clicked on or off but hopefully you can see the principle behind it.

Basically all I have is 2 variables, one to count number of clicks, and one for the percentage value.

I add 1 every time an option is selected, then add 5 to the percentage value everytime the count variable changes.

Although this is on one slide in the example, you can take this over multiple slides if needed.

Hope this helps you