Survey question with feedback per answer

Dec 13, 2018


I'm creating a survey with a pick many question. I want to give feedback with suggested resources based on a user's response. It seems none of the default pick many question types includes individual feedback per answer. Does anyone have ideas/workarounds for this?



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S Wenniger

Hi Angela.

Thanks for your speedy reply. I would love to know how you built this

I am very new to Articulate and only working in it part-time. In earlier jobs I worked alongside dedicated e- learning designers who worked with custom e-learning programs. So this is a steep learning curve for me. And I find myself designing things in my head that may not be so easy to realise in practice. So very thankfull to have this community.

Impatient as I was I continued building my own solution before I saw your reply. 

I attempted to build a scenario where the user is introduced to someone (in my case a student that they have to tutor) and a specific set of circumstances, and is asked to pick a maximum of 4 from 6 possible questions in order to determine the next step (in my case selecting one of four Situational Coaching approaches). The user should get :

1) awnsers to the questions

2) feedback on the approach chosen

3) feedback on the questions chosen.

Attached is what i've got so far. 

I would love to know if there are easier approaches that would get me the same or a similar result! 


P.S. some of the items may still be in Dutch. I took the trouble to translate the main slides., but not all.  Hope it is clear nonetheless... 



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