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Hoping you can help me. In storyline 2 I created 12 "survey" slides using "pick one" and the Survey Results slide. On each pick one slide I have 4 questions (starting with a, b,c,d) and once selected I would like a to equal 1, b=2, c=3 and d=4. Then on the results slide it would tally their score and state what their score meant - 43-48 Good safety awareness!, 33-42 Your safety awareness is good but can be improved., 23-32 Your safety awareness needs improvement, 22 and below Watch out! You and others may be at risk of injury.

Is there a way to do this on the results slide - as currently I do not see this option - it only states "thank you for completing the survey".

If this is not possible do you have a suggested way I could get the same results?

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Ellen Vandeloo

Hi Ashley, I  built the survey and followed the steps in the example - thank you for sending, but I am having problems ensuring the correct results slide layer appears. I have attached two files for your review showing the triggers and conditions I have in place. unfortunately the only results slide that appears is a. I have added a=1 b=2 c=3 and d=4  

Please help

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for sharing your file!

It looks like your trigger are set to show the layers based on the "Results.ScorePoints" variable, but since you're not calculating a score for these questions that variable is not changing.

I recorded a quick Peek to walk you through the changes, and you can see that here.

Also, an updated copy of your file is attached. 

Let us know if you need anything else.

Ellen Vandeloo

Hi Ashley,  I completed the training you helped me with above, it works in articulate but now I can not get it to work in the LMS. The training has the survey in it plus a quiz at the end but for some reason it does not read in the LMS as completed and move to the transcripts as required. The training plays as it should in articulate so I ran it in the scorm cloud program as suggested by my LMS provider but I am not sure where the problem lies in my training. Attached are the scorm results and I can attach the training if required.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for sharing your file here with me. I took a look and saw that slide 2.13 is using a Quiz Results slide with a passing percentage of 5%, although that's quite low none of your survey questions are calculating a score so a user can't reach that percent no matter what they do. 

I also noticed testing that I never see your slide 2.13 so it's not passing the results. It seems I only am navigated to slide 1.37. So you'll want to look into that setup too as a user does need to visit a slide to pass the completion element. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Ellen!  Have a look at this version that I've attached.  I deleted your existing scene 2 results slide and added a survey results slide.  You can display the value of each variable on that slide and even make different messages appear (either in a shape or on another layer), based on the value of the variables.

See if scene 2 is closer to what you're after!

Ellen Vandeloo

Hi Crystal thanks for your suggestion! I used your template and added shapes to appear for a,b, c and d. If the person picks all a's or all of one letter it shows the designated shape. But if the end user picks half a's and half b's nothing appears? Is there a way to assign a value to each letter - example a=1, b=2 etc. then the end user will end up with the right score?

Crystal Horn

Hi Ellen!  Certainly, though it might take some reworking.  Instead of having 4 variables, you'd just need one survey variable.  Depending on which letter they choose, you'll use the same trigger to adjust that single variable by a set number of points.  Then you can make the shapes appear using the same logic - based on the condition that the single score variable has a value between 1 and 5, or 6 and 10, or 11 and 15, etc.

Ellen Vandeloo

I'm not sure how to do that exactly...I don't need to use a results slide I would just like the calculation to equal a number that I can trigger.

This calculation was given to me but I just need the sum of ABC&D as the final number would give me the standing for the user and I can trigger my reply to the number they get.







Ellen Vandeloo

Hi Leslie,

I've tried multiple options but unable to get the results I am looking for:

1. Have the survey work in my LMS - currently it will not read it as being complete

2. This survey does not need to be tracked in the LMS. I just need the colleagues to see their finally grading results (if I can use a formula instead of a results slide that would be ideal)

3. The questions A B C and D can be randomly selected by users so their final feedback will be based on the total overall score. If your final score is between o-22 you are slide layer  A, etc.


Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing your latest version Ellen.

I think a total variable is needed to add up your A, B, C, and D totals.

The layers should be based upon this variable.

I displayed the totals on the Result Slide base layer for now so that you could see it working.

I added a final Pick One question and you can track by this completion with it's result slide.

Check out your updated file and let me know if this is more in line with what you are needing to accomplish.