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Oct 16, 2012

I designed a custom likert scale survey so that users can get individual feedback based on their score total. I used button sets so users can only click on one radial dial per question, and have assigned them a variable value. Problem is if user clicks on one radial button, then changes mind and clicks another button, the score tallies both clicks in the value. Any way to prevent this?



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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Debbie - I think you can do what you have in mind, but it's a little labor intensive, because the way you've got your slides set up, they need to rely on quite a few triggers to correctly adjust the tally, based on what the learner marks. I adjusted the triggers on your project and attached a revision;  I think it will behave the way you want - take a look and see if it does the trick. The main change I made was, the triggers don't actually "register" the change in the variable values until the learner clicks the Next button. (This way the learner can change their mind while viewing the slide, and the tally doesn't change till they actually proceed to the next slide.) Also, to enable the learner to back up and change their answers again before viewing  the results, I actually used 2 variables (one for each slide). Each slide's value resets if the learner goes back to the slide, in case they want to change their answers and then move forward again. Then, on the final slide, the score is actually a sum of the two slide-specific variables added together. (I hope that makes sense!)

The challenge with something like this is, the project is really kind of a time tiger, because you end up having to create a trigger for every single radio button on each slide (!) ... also, because the tallies are calculated manually with triggers, rather than relying on the in-built scoring that happens with Storyline quiz slides, the actual responses aren't reportable to an LMS. 

Does this give you what you were looking for?

Transfers of Learning

I think it does! You are fantastic. I never thought to add the trigger to tally the score only at the next button, and carry over to the next page. I think this will please my client very much, and certainly will be added to our repository of samples. I am soo happy right now you have no idea. This is my first time using Storyline and I miss Articulate. But the client wanted to use Storyline, so give the people what they want.

Thanks again for the great support. I will share this with my colleagues. : )

Maria Mp

Thank you Jaenette!

It worked out fine. But i get a problem on the resultslide when I add my own submit button. When I get to the resultslide I no longer get to see the right resultlayer, only the result slide.

To create my own submit button, I added a trigger to my button, a submit interaction trigger, and linked it to the multiple choice. Do you know where i go wrong here?

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